PlayStation 5: what its design says about the evolution of video games

"We wanted the design of the PlayStation 5 to break all boundaries, just like gamers do when they embark on epic adventures," Yujin Morisawa, designer of Sony's new baby, tells' The Obs.the box, you are already in a game world."The video game console, which comes out this Thursday, November 19, surprised all players above all by its shape." Wi-Fi router "," photo album "," tour de Sauron ”… The mockery multiplied against these two large rounded white plates clutching a black monolith.

During our test of the PS5, we were also surprised by its futuristic appearance and its gigantic size (39 cm high!).Perhaps because these codes were at odds with all previous video game consoles.The thread, we realize that the design of video game machines has always wanted to integrate as well as possible into interiors, a priority for post-WWII reconstruction, first with faux wood finishes, like the Atari 2600 from 1977 , then in the form of angular minimalist black boxes, as discreet as possible, characteristic of the latest PS4 and Xbox One of 2013.

"A design that stands out"

An objective that continues with the technological revolution.Hi-fi systems and DVD players must therefore be as discreet as possible so that technology disappears behind use.That is exactly the philosophy of the German school of Ulm, inspired by the Bauhaus.Dieter Rams, one of its figures, summed up this approach as follows: "Products fulfilling a function are like tools.They are neither decorative objects nor works of art.Their design must therefore be both neutral and sober in order to leave room for the user's personal expression."

Posted Date: 2020-12-14

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