"I have a dark room" - 8 tips to light up your interior

The house often reflects the lifestyle of the person who lives there.Your house should be clean and tidy.Note that the light is also one of the most important and noticed details.

Indeed, it is more pleasant to live in a bright house, so to ensure that your home is well lit, here are 8 tips to make your interior shine.


In case the place where you live is a little dark, it is better that you color it in white.For the color of the walls, adopt white because it gives a brighter air to your room.White sends light.in your room and can also light it up.

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One bedroom.Photo: Unsplash

This does not only apply to the walls, but also to the objects in the room - indeed, if you want even more light, use sheets, works of art or even white furniture!


Crystal chandeliers can reflect sunlight or lamp light throughout the room, besides the bedroom will shine, there will also be a little touch of play of light all over the room.

One bedroom.Photo: Unsplash

Your home will be dazzling!


Windows play a very important role in ventilating a room, so that your home is bright, and naturally in addition, try to clean them.

Posted Date: 2021-01-18

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